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Welcome to the Vitko Chiropractic Website!

Our Mission

  • We at the Vitko Chiropractic Clinic are committed to serving the true health care needs of our patients with a goal to facilitate a productive and inspired life
  • We are committed to make the extraordinary measure to educate our patients and our community about the benefits and values of chiropractic health care for the restoration and maintenance of optimal health
  • We strive for excellence in the delivery of chiropractic care to as people as humanly possible within our reach, in an educational, caring, compassionate environment
  • We are committed to supporting our patients in reaching the fullest expressions of their potential by encouraging them to educate themselves so they are empowered to make responsible decisions about their own health care and the health care of those who depend on them
  • We invite our patients to participate in our mission by educating others in our community by referring them for chiropractic health care

Please contact Laura, Quentin or Kyra to book an appointment or for more information!



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